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5 Cheat Foods for 5:2 Diet Days

fruit-for-diet No one likes a diet where you starve, or at least feel like you’re starving yourself, and at the start of the 5:2 Diet, you may feel this way. But this is where planning meals is key: to ensure you eat enough on fasting days, but stay under the 500-600 calorie limit. We have a […] Continue reading →

Milk vs Almond Milk

milk Sometimes during a diet you have to eat something or use an ingredient that you probably shouldn’t based on your specific diet. One example of this, especially during the 5/2 diet, is milk. I don’t mean just drinking a glass, but using it in a recipe or in a smoothie. The problem is that milk […] Continue reading →

Asparagus: Great Diet Side Dish

asparagus When looking for a good side for a meal while on a fast day (or any other day really), then look towards Asparagus. At only about 3 calories per (average) spear, you can dish out 6-7 per plate and only rack up 20 calories. Asparagus is also a great source of dietary fibre, Vitamin A […] Continue reading →

Celery: The Diet Filler Food

celery - diet filler food The problem many people have with diets is the feeling of being hungry, and a fasting diet is no exception. When you’re trying to limit the calorie intake on two back-to-back days, you can start to feel the grumbling stomach and the urge to stop the diet and eat comes in strong. Once you’re through […] Continue reading →