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Easy diet plans for weight loss

liquid-diet-plan Easy diet plans can be found with the click of a mouse and adapted to suit your preferences with little effort. However, the real challenge lies in the selection of the perfect plan and sticking to it. Losing weight is not something that is accomplished overnight and often requires a considerable amount of planning and […] Continue reading →

What is the best diabetes diet plan?

vegan-diet For those with diabetes, it is important to take exceptional care and to maintain a diabetes diet plan in order to maintain blood sugar levels. Changing your lifestyle to be healthier is always a great choice whether you are attempting to control or to prevent diabetes. What is the diabetes diet plan? The diabetes diet […] Continue reading →

5:2 Fasting Day Meal Plan

banana-berry-smoothie For many, it can sometimes be difficult to come up with a fasting day meal plan that is healthy, nutritious, tasty, as well as low in calories. But in reality, there are many different options out there, but it does take a little planning, and sometimes a bit of inspiration, to come up with something […] Continue reading →

Why Fast?

why-fast Fasting, which means abstinence from food and/or drink, has been practiced by all cultures throughout the ages, for religious or ethical reasons. The fasting period could be short or lengthy and either includes partial or complete fasting. Followers of religions would practice fasting in order to please their gods, while other individuals would fast in […] Continue reading →

What is the 5.2 Diet?

waist-measure-fasting-jpg Of the various weight loss plans that have come into the spotlight lately, the 5.2 diet is one of the most popular. The diet consists of limiting your daily calorie intake to 500 a day for women and 600 for men, for two non-consecutive days of the week. Those with a love for food will […] Continue reading →