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Simple Healthy Recipes for Summer

simple healthy recipe With summer just around the corner for those lucky enough. The Southern Hemisphere, now is the time to be on the lookout for simple healthy recipes perfect for those hot, humid days. If you are already gearing up for the change of seasons and looking for some ways to get fit and healthy prior to […] Continue reading →

Fasting Diet: What are your Weight Loss Goals?

fasting diet A fasting diet does not necessarily mean starvation. When you are fasting for weight loss you start to look at yourself and your eating habits very differently. The whole idea of fasting diets revolves around changing long-standing unhealthy eating habits…habits that we are often unaware that we even have. Without making changes to these long-held […] Continue reading →

Easy Weight Loss with Intermittent Fasting

fasting diet plan1 There are many reasons why we would want to lose weight quickly, and if you are looking one of these reasons in the face, intermittent fasting may be your answer. We all have events we want to look good for – graduation, weddings, parties, family events – or health reasons where were need to lose […] Continue reading →