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Why Fast?

why-fast Fasting, which means abstinence from food and/or drink, has been practiced by all cultures throughout the ages, for religious or ethical reasons. The fasting period could be short or lengthy and either includes partial or complete fasting. Followers of religions would practice fasting in order to please their gods, while other individuals would fast in […] Continue reading →

What is the 5.2 Diet?

waist-measure-fasting-jpg Of the various weight loss plans that have come into the spotlight lately, the 5.2 diet is one of the most popular. The diet consists of limiting your daily calorie intake to 500 a day for women and 600 for men, for two non-consecutive days of the week. Those with a love for food will […] Continue reading →

How effective is the 5 & 2 diet?

start-diet-today Fasting diets such as the 5 & 2 diet have been the cause for much controversy. Some claim them to be vastly unhealthy while at the same time, others claim to have seen incredible results. The theory behind the 5 & 2 diet is simple and effective. It involves the reduction of your daily calorie […] Continue reading →

What is the Liquid Diet Plan?

liquid-diet-juice Have you ever considered a liquid diet plan to lose weight? There is a considerable amount of controversy that surrounds this diet but it has definitely shown fast results. Often, liquid diets are prescribed by physicians to fight obesity. However, regardless of your weight and health conditions, liquid diet plans can be used to lose […] Continue reading →

Burning Calories by Keeping Cool

cool-down-and-lose-weight The idea of the 5:2 Diet is to lower your intake of calories, which then means that less calories can turn into fat. Calories are essentially the energy your body needs and uses in daily life. So when you burn calories, this means your body is using calories as energy to do a task. So […] Continue reading →