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Fasting Days on Vacation

fast days on vacation I had a question about if there is some sort of routine and / or advice when on vacation when you do not want to break the routine of the fasting diet, because it is not easy to reconcile the two. In regards to traveling and fasting, there are a number of things to consider, […] Continue reading →

5:2 Diet Christmas Treats

Gingerbread Cookies During festive season people often find it difficult sticking to their weight loss goals. If you have ever followed other diets you would know that rigid diet routines or banishing certain food groups makes it near impossible to really enjoy this time of year so you often give up altogether. But eating the 5:2 way […] Continue reading →

When will I see results?

question mark I had the following question which I am sure that some people may have also experienced. Question: Hi as I am new to the 5:2 plan have only tried two fast days what I want to know is do you see a difference with your weight. I have put on two kgs in 6 days. […] Continue reading →