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Keeping Motivated While Dieting

diet-motivation Motivation (or lack thereof) is the biggest killer for any diet and healthy body. Many people who start a diet are seriously motivated at the beginning but then as time goes by and results aren’t as fast as you thought they would be, motivation plummets. The key thing to remember is that nothing is instant, […] Continue reading →

The Fasting Day Meal Plan

fasting-day-meal-plan Some people find it easier to plan out their calories for each meal during a fasting day, then match food to it. It is a fairly simple strategy to have a fasting day meal plan, but worth thinking about when you start the 5:2 diet. Essentially, you’ll take the 500 or 600 calories you need […] Continue reading →

The Best Days of the Week to Fast

calendar Now, there is no magic day on which you should start the fasting portion of the 5:2 diet, but some forethought and common sense will dictate what works best. One of the concepts behind the 5:2 diet is that for 5 days you can eat normally, which can mean being more social, going to restaurants, […] Continue reading →