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Finding the best 5.2 fasting diet recipes

health-recipe For those who are looking for 5.2 fasting diet recipes, the possibilities are truly endless. Intermittent fasting to lose weight has become increasingly popular over the past few years. The 5.2 diet in particular, has become widely popular due to its amazing success rate. Despite being easy to follow, a problem that many followers of […] Continue reading →

5:2 Fasting Day Meal Plan

banana-berry-smoothie For many, it can sometimes be difficult to come up with a fasting day meal plan that is healthy, nutritious, tasty, as well as low in calories. But in reality, there are many different options out there, but it does take a little planning, and sometimes a bit of inspiration, to come up with something […] Continue reading →

How do I start the 5:2 fasting diet?

how-do-i-start Beginning a diet can be quite overwhelming, particularly if you are not mentally prepared for the challenge. Here we list some of the main points to consider when starting your fasting diet plan. For more information on starting a 5:2 fasting diet, click here. Mindset In order to motivate yourself, it is a good idea […] Continue reading →

Keeping Motivated While Dieting

diet-motivation Motivation (or lack thereof) is the biggest killer for any diet and healthy body. Many people who start a diet are seriously motivated at the beginning but then as time goes by and results aren’t as fast as you thought they would be, motivation plummets. The key thing to remember is that nothing is instant, […] Continue reading →