The Fasting Day Meal Plan

Some people find it easier to plan out their calories for each meal during a fasting day, then match food to it. It is a fairly simple strategy to have a fasting day meal plan, but worth thinking about when you start the 5:2 diet.

Essentially, you’ll take the 500 or 600 calories you need to eat that day and break it into normal meals and snacks:

A fasting day meal plan is worth thinking about when you start your 5:2 diet

A fasting day meal plan is worth thinking about when you start your 5:2 diet

Women: 500 Calories / Men: 600 Calories

Breakfast: 150 Calories
Snack: 50 Calories
Lunch: 100 /150 Calories
Dinner: 150 / 200 Calories
Snack: 50 Calories

We’ve split up the day like this for a few reasons. First, you need a good breakfast, like our Spinach and Egg Whites Omelet and some fruit. Then a mid-morning snack, something around 50 Calories. Next a simple lunch like salad or a simple soup. Then dinner, which is a good number of calories as well as by that time you’ll be hungry, and can use a large spinach salad or hearty soup. Finally a snack that could be some more fruit, keeping under the 50 calories.

With this fasting day meal plan, and eating the right kind of foods, you shouldn’t find yourself starving. There are enough kinds of food with low calories to keep you satisfied during these fasting days.

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