Your guide to weight loss with the 5:2 Intermittent Fasting Diet

Snack Ideas To Help When On The 5:2 Diet

Vegan 5:2 Diet Meal Plan

The fasting diet is built around a seven-day cycle where you eat normally for five of those days. On the other two, you reduce your calorie intake to a quarter of what you would normally eat. In order for this intermittent weight loss plan to work, the two fasting days you choose must not be…

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5:2 Diet Low-Calorie Christmas Treats

During festive season people often find it difficult sticking to their weight loss goals. If you have ever followed other diets you would know those rigid diet routines or banishing certain food groups makes it near impossible to really enjoy this time of year so you often give up altogether. But eating the 5:2 way…

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5:2 Fasting Diet – Getting Started Guide

Why Is The 5:2 Diet So Popular? The list of celebrities who have tried the 5:2 Fasting Diet seems to grow daily: Alex Salmond, Phillip Schofield, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Christy Turlington, Liv Tyler, Miranda Kerr, Jennifer Aniston, and Ben Affleck are all said to have tried it. But why is it so popular,…

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Very Berry Panna Cotta

When following the fasting diet plan people are often looking for simple healthy recipes to incorporate into their 5.2 diet, and with this yummy dessert it will still allow you to lose weight whilst fasting. With this Very Berry Panna Cotta recipe, you have just that. This dessert is so simple to make and tastes great. What’s…

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Sample 5:2 Fasting Day Meal Plan

Green Zinger Juice

Below is a sample of a 5:2 fasting day meal plan of about 500 calories that you can use on your intermittent fasting days. The good thing about this diet plan is that, other than sticking to the 500/600 calories per day, there are no other hard-and-fast rules. So if you don’t like something, then…

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5:2 Fasting Day Meal Plan

For many, it can sometimes be difficult to come up with a fasting day meal plan that is healthy, nutritious, tasty, as well as low in calories. But in reality, there are many different options out there, but it does take a little planning, and sometimes a bit of inspiration, to come up with something…

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Berry and Papaya Parfait

When it comes to eating healthy, it is important to choose your snacks wisely. Fruits, nuts and non-fat yogurt are among the most popular snacking options and we have combined all three to present to you; a snack that looks just as great as it feels. Whether you are on your 5 2 fasting day…

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Healthy Dessert – Blueberry and Lemon Yogurt Cake

Sometimes you just need a good healthy dessert after a satisfying dinner. This blueberry yogurt cake is a great light snack that is also very healthy! If you cut this cake into 12 pieces, each is about 157 calories (less 7-10 calories if you use applesauce instead of oil). Enjoy! Ingredients: 1 ¾ cups self-rising flour…

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