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Milk vs Almond Milk

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Sometimes during a diet you have to eat something or use an ingredient that you probably shouldn’t based on your specific diet. One example of this, especially during the 5/2 diet, is milk. I don’t mean just drinking a glass, but using it in a recipe or in a smoothie.

The problem is that milk (let’s look at 1% skim) has just over 100 calories in one cup. So this one ingredient in a smoothie adds up the calories fast.

Soy milk also pushes the limit with about 90 calories per cup.

mIf you've never tried almond milk, don't assume you won't like the taste

If you’ve never tried almond milk, don’t assume you won’t like the taste

The easy alternative for this is almond milk. If you’ve never tried it, don’t assume you won’t like the taste (I know I did at first, but was quickly proven wrong). Unsweetened Almond milk has only 45-60 calories per cup, and contains the most nutrients for any milk substitute. It is also low in fat, with just 3 grams per cup.

Almond milk is normally a cheap alternative to real milk, and I normally wait for a sale and buy the one liter containers in bulk. The other benefit is that they stay good without being refrigerated, so you can store them in your pantry until needed, then into the fridge once opened.

Try this next time you get groceries and if you like it, you’ve got a new low calorie alternative to milk!

My favorite kind is Almond Breeze Chocolate, and you can order it online here.

Blue Diamond Breeze Unsweetened Chocolate

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