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Your guide to weight loss with the 5:2 Intermittent Fasting Diet

Following The 5:2 Diet This Christmas? Have Your Pudding & Eat It Too!

5:2 Diet Meal Plan

Christmas is just around the corner and everything Christmas fills the air; from the sounds of carolers to frantic shoppers and of course the sweet aroma of Christmas treats baking in the kitchen.

For anyone watching their diet this time of year can spell disaster! But with the 5:2 diet at Christmas, it doesn’t need to be that way.

Just like many things about the 5:2 diet, if you just do a little bit of planning ahead you still can enjoy Christmas and all its goodies.

At the fasting diet plan, we believe that being forearmed is being forewarned.

This is why we have put together this infographic to show just how good or naughty some of your favorite Christmas foods can be.

The success of following the 5:2 diet plan is knowing that you can enjoy whatever you like (within moderation) as you lower your calories for 2 days of the week, whilst you enjoy a relatively healthy diet the remaining 5 days; that’s what makes this such an easy diet plan to stick to!

The 5:2 Diet At Christmas

We want you to be able to enjoy your Christmas and the festivities. If you are informed about what you are going to eat and the number of calories contained in each serving of food you may just think twice about reaching for that second helping of pudding with all the trimmings.

Or may decide to swap out some of these traditional foods for lighter versions, by creating your own Christmas treats or by following some simple and delicious recipes that you can prepare for your own feast.

However, if you choose to enjoy all the treats, perhaps a smaller serving or just the one may be enough to satisfy your taste buds without undoing all your weight loss efforts.

See the image below to have a close-up look at some of the typical calorie counts in your favorite Christmas foods…

Infographic Favorite Christmas Food


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